Good Vibes Consultants LLC


"Lana is an inspirational educator. She always brings a wealth of knowledge about Brain Health, Wellness and Movement to every class, and her lectures are great. I have changed my lifestyle and eating habits and have lost 30 lbs. I owe everything I have done to taking classes and attending lectures with Lana Gelb…"
Phyllis Sessler - Accountant

"Lana, you are a beautiful soul. Your sessions are beautiful. I admire you so much and marvel at what a great teacher you are. Your intelligence, preparation, knowledge and high energy always come together to create joyful learning experiences. What an exciting class today! Thank you for the Woodstock revisited experience!…"
Carolyn Wright - Retired School Teacher

" I was hesitant to start a new exercise program, but I'm very glad I walked into Lana's Ageless Grace class. Lana was so welcoming and created such a friendly atmosphere that I felt I instantly belonged. She is a marvelous instructor who truly cares about helping us increase the quality of our health, both physical and mental. She has a wealth of knowledge that she shares and as she learns new things, so do we. Her classes are always interesting, engaging both the mind and the body. She is an inspiration. I feel lucky that I found her class! …"
Elaine Cohen - Retired College Professor